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A site dedicated to the noble art of guitar improvising. A resource for the guitarist looking for improvisation tools and techniques

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Guitar Soloing and Improvisation

We present a comprehensive method to help guitar players expand their vocabulary of scales, arpeggios, and techniques for soloing and improvisation. The concept is called Guitar Unboxed as the primary goal is to help you break out of the patterns guitarists get boxed into when soloing.

The concept is to first connect the vertical (scales) with the horizontal (chords) levels of harmony, and then break out of this grid, in a systemized fashion. Users of the site can choose to plug in here to pick up (for free) some new licks and ideas now and then or to follow a complete course in guitar improvising, with weekly lessons, videos (coming soon), and music examples. If you feel boxed in when you solo and improvise on guitar, the tools in the lessons and the eBook should help you get unboxed and bring your guitar improvising to new levels!

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