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Guitar Unboxed is an e-Book for guitarists looking for tips on guitar soloing and improvisation. The concepts, including modal harmony, vamps, complex progressions etc. are suitable for all levels and all styles of guitar players.

The guitar lessons you find on this site are all connected to the concepts and examples of the book, and can be followed separately or with the book for more in depth elaboration of the theory and more examples to work with to more easily systemize the concepts here.

About the book:

The name Guitar Unboxed is chosen because the main object of the book is to present the basic harmonic figures and shapes (boxes) that guitarists use for scales and arpeggios when soloing, and the methods for breaking out of these boxes.  This book provides several “maps” to the sonic and mechanic (scales etc.) territory beyond the common guitar patterns.

Learning Guitar Improvisation

is learning to connect, and break free from, the basic boxes and patterns based in the common scales and chords.

The Secret to Lead Guitar Soloing

is having a theoretical, and technical, basis that allows you to freely explore musical ideas and a singular identity. This book is written with this purpose; presenting basic concepts as well as ideas that can help you develop your own identity.

The e-book is divided into three chapters:

  1. Concepts without context: practicing common shapes (phrases, arpeggios and scales) and expanding on these without putting them into harmonic contexts.
  2. Concepts in harmonic context: taking different shapes and connecting these in a harmonic context: one chord vamps, modal harmony and jazz progressions.
  3. Compositions for improv concepts: pieces specifically written to practice the theoretical concepts in previous chapters.

What you get:

  • 70 pages of improvisation concepts and original music written to illustrate how to approach scales and arpeggios to create exciting guitar solos.
  • Learn to handle Modes and Jazz style chord progressions, rock phrasing and blues soloing.
  • Learn how to approach anything from improvising on one chord to complex Bebop progressions
  • All examples are applicable to any style; whether you play Jazz, Heavy Metal, Blues or Country.

As long as you construct solos and/or improvise this book is for you. Order now, pay securely through PayPal and start practicing today! (if you have any trouble downloading the e-book, please contact us)

Price: 5.99 € (tax included).

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