Half/Whole Step Diminished Scale

Certain scales are especially suited for constructing chromatic phrases, and the half-whole step diminished scale is particularly handy for guitar improvisation.


Example 1 is based on the fact that each shape from the half/whole step diminished scale can be repeated a minor third apart. So these phrases are all Major 3rd arpeggios ( CMaj, EbMaj, GbMaj and A Maj) repeated a minor third above the previous.

improvising-with-c-half/whole step-step-diminished

Example 2 is mixing up the approach to the scale by using intervals instead of scale phrases.

diminished-scale-guitar improv-

Example 3  Naturally other concepts can be combined with the half/whole step diminished scale to create chromatic phrases,  this example includes a passing note (g# the #5).

improvising-with-half-whole-note-scale-passing notes

Example 4 C half/whole step diminished, moving a phrase chromatically down the scale.


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